Wednesday, September 14, 2011

5 Benefits Of Being Single

Reminiscing Singlehood

I missed my single life.

Although, I have no regrets of being married and having a daughter, I still can't help but reminisce the years that I was single.

Believe me, I enjoy being a husband and a father to the two of the most important women in my life, my wife and daughter, Cielo.

But sometimes, I can't help myself being envious to my other friends who still enjoys their singlehood.

In this article, I'll be listing down what could be the reasons of both men and women prefer to be single.

  • Less Responsibilty -- You only take care of yourself. Your money goes with what you want and not with I need.
  • More Gimiks -- You can go to gimiks or anywhere anytime you want to. Nobody's gonna bother texting or call you to go home or preventing me that I drank too much.
  • More Time -- Wherever you want to spend time, you have more of it while being single.
  • Less Problems -- Since you are just responsible with yourself, I don't see the point that you're having more problems than we having families and partners.
  • More Sociability -- Singlehood means there's more time and chances to mingle with the opposite sex. Just be sure you know how to handle the situation.

I had my time in singlehood. And I had already enjoyed and experienced every second of it.

You can try to watch the movie Singles if you are still not convinced of what I'm saying here. Maybe it will enlighten you up.

I encourage the others to live your singlehood to the fullest until you settle down. So that there would be no regrets in the future.

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Skron said...

I like being single for all the reasons you listed. But now that I'm turning 31, I'm starting to think of settling down.

bagotilyo said...

commitment is not my thing ... for now..

thanks for this post it makes me realize not to be depress being single.

Stone-Cold Angel said...

@skron - Enjoy first being single. Then if you're ready to settle down, ask yourself who you want to be with the rest of your life.

I visited your blog, I enjoy reading comics too.

@bagotilyo - Don't be depressed. Enjoy life. You'll be unable to do it later once you settle down.

Thanks for visiting and commenting!

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