Francis Magalona

In Memoriam

At noon of March 6, 2009, Francis Durango Magalona lost his personal battle from leukemia. I didn't have the chance to learn about it until last night. His music played a very large part in my life. My first album, in cassette tape format and which my mother bought for me, was Yo! 

From then on, I followed his music. And this will be tribute to The Man From Manila. I will count down nine of the Master Rapper's legacies that we will surely miss. I hope these legacies help us be what he wants us to be... A true Filipino.

Francis Durango Magalona
1964 - 2009

Acting/Hosting. Kiko started his career as an actor... One of the films that moved me with his acting was "Miguelito". He was also a great host and veejay that introduced MTV to the Filipino people.

Clothing. He created his own line of clothing that has a sense of nationalism. Though I haven't had the chance to buy and support his products... still I'm planning to support his clothing line. I'm sure most of us will support it also.

Photography. From his blog, he also has this EYE to shoot a good picture. I was amazed by the picture that won him an award from Camera Club of the Philippines. The baby grasshoppers posed great for him.

Direction. Contributed several music videos for great bands and rappers like Join Da Club, Gloc 9, Shamrock and Death Threat. He gave the songs lives to be shared with us.

Blogger. "He was open with his life. He shared his passions, activity and projects with internet people like me. I'm sure his site will be remembered."

Mentor. He acted as if he was really a father to the rap and hiphop scene. He supported the scene and never gave up.

Family / Friends. I remembered a TV show that featured him and daughter Maxene and how they bond with each other. I'm sure his family will miss him. He was also a good friend especially to his co hosts in Eat Bulaga!

Nationalism. From his music to his line of clothing, his sense of patriotism made me realize that its an honor to be brown and be a Filipino. I salute you for the great love you gave to our country, the Philippines. He deserves to be a national hero for being proud of his roots.

Music. He introduced rap and hiphop to the Philippines. Reinventing, he also introduced Rap Metal to us. He contributed a lot to OPM and the industry had lost a leg from his death.

As I write this post... I'm listening entirely to his music and will be playing them until his remains be brought to its last resting place. I am also watching Eat Bulaga's homage to him. Condolences to his family. We will surely miss you! Although you lost your battle, you are still a winner! God already had enough of your sufferings and want to let you rest in peace with Him. God bless your soul, Idol. You will live forever in our memory!


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