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This is a free for all blog of Stone-Cold Angel's interests. Right now its running on Beta but it will be officially launched on March 1 at 12:01am his time. So watch out for it.

Stone-Cold Angel has been wanting for years to create a website for his interests. And after a number of creation and edits, he found his haven in blogging. His interests includes Girls, Music, Movies, Books, Comics, Computers, Technology, Gadgets and others that he wants to share with everyone. His goal is to share his thoughts to make this world a better place. Every month he will share his thoughts, views and adventures on something interesting to him. And it might be interesting to you readers also so read on.

This blogsite is a personal blog and posts written here are made in personal views. It is not in any intention harm and degrade any individual, group, people, country, race and others. Please see my Disclaimer statement here. If you feel that contents here at my blog is offending, please let him know through email.

Pictures, Videos and other files used in this blog are property of their respective owners. Since those are gotten from the web, he believes its free. If you want those files be removed, let him know also.