40 Gbps Internet Connection Speed

I came across an interesting topic at my favorite forum... and this is what I'm looking forward to in the future. The fastest internet connection speed at 40 Gigabyte per second transfer rate has been made into reality. And its coming from Sweden using fiber optic technology. Check the article here.

I work as a technical support representative on one of the major DSL companies and no one has reached this kind of speed yet. Their maximum for residential users is 20Mbps as of this writing. And I could not imagine how fast this connection would be. I run at 384kbps maximum and most of the time its slower than that. Imagine downloading and video streaming would be faster than a blink. Hmmm.... sounds amazing. I wonder how long will it take to be implemented and operational in my location.

But this ultrafast internet connection are not without flaws. Some comments I read from the article are thinking of issues the compatibility and the limit the ISP would implement once this speed is already a reality in their location. A commenter said that "Its like owning a Ferrari but driving it on a highway with 70MPH speed limit." Some said that the NICs or Network Interface Cards needs to be upgraded because now the limit for it is just 100Mbps. And I agree with them. Solution: another upgrade on the hardware technology that would handle such speed.

Most likely, this speed is highly anticipated because there will be no limit for internet users when it comes to surfing the web, downloading and video streaming. I hope it would be just operational in the next year or two. Can't wait for it...