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9MM Blog-zine is a personal blog that shares and provides practical and streetsmart guides for its readers. It issues articles and other information on how to be streetsmart or "madiskarte". If you like what you read here, please like its Facebook fanpage.

9MM Blog-zine was launched in March 2009 by Stone-Cold Angel and has written hundreds of articles mainly about these five categories --

Essentials - Streetsmart tips and suggestions for productive, healthy and worry-free life. The main purpose and theme of this blog.

Features - Articles about men, women, artists, bands, movies, music and other stuffs that interests the author. A tribute page, basically.

Gallery - Images and sketches that show the author's creative and artistic side. Comics and images made and handcrafted by the author.

Reviews - Analysis and ratings on services, items, places and other things he had used and experienced. Generally, its the author's perspective.

Stories - Short tales of experiences and things happening around this blog and the author. Self-written biography.

The Author

Stone-Cold Angel
(his monicker over the internet) works as a Technical Support Representative for one of the top call centers in the Philippines. He is also the author and owner of this blog, 9MM Blog-zine. A son, a husband and a father aiming to make the world a better place. You can follow him on Twitter and Google+.

For comments on the articles I write, you can leave it on the comments section.

Hire Me

If you want to hire me, you can shoot an email to 9mmonline at gmail dot com. I can
- write an article for your product or website
- review a product or a website
- design a very basic website
- design a banner advertisement
- do porn scenes (just kidding!)


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