8" Sony Vaio P: Lightest Ultraportable?

I always want to have laptops because of their portability. You can stay connected online wherever you go. And one of the important factors of laptops are its weight and performance. The 8" Sony Vaio P Ultraportable might outscore the dreaded Macbook Air. Here are the reviews for the said laptop:Specs
Intel Atom Z520 1.33 or 1.6 GHz HT
2GB on-board RAM
Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 500
60 GB HDD or 64GB SSD
8″ ultrawide display (1600×768 pixel resolution)
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth 2.0
2 USB 2.0 ports
SSD/MMC/Memory StickDuo Card reader
Price: Php49,999 and Php69,999

  • Super thin - 0.78 inch thin and thinner than 0.02 inch from the Macbook Air
  • Lightweight - At 1.4lbs, its hte lightest ultraportable locally available
  • Design - Sleek and sturdy.
  • Resolution - 1600x768 pixels diplay at high resolution
Cons - These are reviewers notes, this is not my opinion. Although I can agree on some.
  • Slow - Can be, because of Windows Vista OS that it carries
  • Hardware - Pointing device is hard to manage
  • Cost - High or expensive price point
Buying this kind of ultraportable is good if you have the money to dish out. Even if I have the money, I'll still not go with this ultraportable. First, the price, can't afford it or its too high end. Two, screen's too little for I do image editing. Although nice resolution. Sony might have invested better in a laptop than this. Last, it runs on Vista. I hate Vista.

Gadget Review File Number: 0310090645
8" Sony Vaio P Ultraportable
Rating: Good