9MMDOTNET OST Volume One - "In Love" Edition

Have you ever had the feeling when you hear a music playing, you know for your self that this is a song for you?

And sometimes, in one situation in your life, a song suddenly plays that makes you realize something. It strucks deep within and you either feel good or make you cry.

That no matter what happens, this will be included to the soundtrack of your life.

Well, as for me this entry is to share with you the soundtrack of my life. Listed here are the songs that touched my life and forever will be in my list of my own personal soundtrack. It will play on and on as long as there is life in my human body.

Since its the "LOVE" month, I will list down my all-tme favorite love songs. Those songs that make me fall in love again. Some of them are very memorable to me since we had this list when me and my wife got married. A mix of foreign and local music that completes the soundtrack of my life. So here goes...

A remake of one of the classics of The BeeGees. I selected this version of the said band because of the lightness and catchy-happy version they did on this great song.

I TURN TO YOU - Christina Aguilera
Another remake. This song was one of my favorite songs of Christina Aguilera aside from "Beautiful" and "Come On Over". It was shared with me by my wife when we were still in our younger years together.

"Everyday" is one of the songs that make me miss loving a person. Agot Isidro definitely justified these songs. And just before I got married, I was looking for songs and this song is perfect for couples just starting to develop their relationship together.

YOU, FOR ALL WE KNOW and CLOSE TO YOU - Karen Carpenter
One of my favorite singer, these songs should not be out of this list. I had once gave tribute to Karen Carpenter, and gave emphasize to these songs. Very happy and gives meaning to be in love everyday.

RUNAWAY - The Corrs
I asked my bestfriend, Shernan, to record me a tape that has several love songs. And he did not fail me. He introduces me to the The Corrs and loved them ever since. "Runaway" is their best song for me being in love.

UNCHAINED MELODY - The Righteous Brothers
This song was made famous by the movie "Ghost". I was able to watch it way back and that was the first time I heard of this song. and since I was with a special someone that time, I made this song my favorite.

My all time favorite. Although this song has been unjustifiably covered by Sponge Cola, still this won't be out of this OST. There was a time that a quoted myself that if I hear this song sung by a girl, she's the ONE. But I think I ate my own words.

I chose these two songs because of the message it gave to lovers. Listen very carefully to the lyrics and this songs will show you how to appreciate and adore women.

One of the songs played in the movie "May Minamahal". I was once a hopeless romantic, I tend to get speechless whenever I talk and mingle with someone I like. Read every word and you'll know what I'm talking about.

Joey De Leon's famous pick up line made into one of the successful OPM songs. Revived several times, but still "Bossing" Vic Sotto and the rest of VST, still delivered the song justifiably.

Even if they say that these kind of songs or very melo-dramatic, it doesn't fail to make the cheesy-ness out of me. Shared by my wife again, Rey Valera made a song that make me say everything I want to say for my love one.

HABAMBUHAY - Yeng Constantino
"...Ikaw at ako ang magkasama" This PDA grand winner makes songs that are very good. At least she's making her own songs unlike the other artists. One of our songs used for our wedding.

I first heard this song from a movie starring Eric Quizon and Aiko Melendez. I already forgot the title. I eagerly waited for the credits to show up after the movie but they cut it out. I spent a few years before I learned Juan Dela Cruz band was the original of this song. It was worth it when I listened to it again.

KAILAN - Erasereads
Anticipation and waiting is the very difficult time for a male courting a female. You're stuck in nothingness. I like the piano version of this song because it sounded like you are in a lounge bar and drinking some whiskey while thinking something out. Eraserheads got this song as an extra in their second album, "Circus".

FALLIN' - Robert Klein
Several versions had been made out of this song and I chose the male version of it. Falling in love is the greatest feeling I ever felt and this song can't be on the list. Because many of us are afraid to fall, but we have to understand that sometimes we need to take risks and chances.

WHEN SHE CRIES - Restless Heart
I can't stand a female friend crying because of her relationship especially if I like her. I have numerous situations like these and I was unable to share my feelings because its not the right time. This song has also been sign off song by a radio DJ and this song struck me on those times.

These are just a few of the songs that makes my list for now. Watch out for my other soundtrack lists on my next posts. Its just difficult to get online these days. Being a dad is one thing that I'm enjoying at the moment and its quite hard to squeeze blogging since I don't have internet connection handy. This would be my post-Valentine entry.

Special thanks to Ahmer for following 9MMDOTNET. Keep coming back.